Present Meets Past

6 Nov

Thursday, October 25th, the Old Capitol Museum hosted its annual “Present Meets Past,” an event in which the visitor was able to interact with individuals from the building’s and the state’s history, as performed by several volunteer actors. This event drew in a record 132 visitors to the OCM. It was made successful through the collaborative work of the Old Capitol staff and volunteers and is a perfect example of the field of public history. It effectively tells the story of these individuals and their connection to history in an interactive and unique manner.

However, one of the most popular attractions of the night was one of non-human origins. That attraction was the mummy that was recently accessioned into the MDAH’s collection, although it has been in its possession since the early 1920s as part of a donation of Native American artifacts. For several years, it was thought that this mummy was of human origins until an x-ray examination revealed that it contained various random items—such as a heart full of nails. Nevertheless, the MDAH has retained the mummy and the mummy has always drawn a crowd and continues to do so as it is brought out for special occasions. The mummy truly is an example of the present meeting the past at the Old Capitol Museum.


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